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Weightlifting straps

The lasso leather strap is an old school piece of gear that suits all kind of weightlifters. This is the shorter version for quick barbell release. Laid flat it's 21" long from top to bottom and 1.5" wide. It's the thickest strap you will be able to find on the market. Keep in mind that new and thick leather is kind of stiff at first but after a few weeks it will be as pliable as your old leather belt.


  • Saddle leather straps are much more solid than fabric
  • Increased barbell grip
  • Suitable for beginners and athletes
  • Sold in pair
  • Those straps will last forever


  • Beautiful 6/7 oz full grain leather from Wickett & Craig
  • Sealed with organic beeswax
  • Solid saddle thread called Ritza 25 Tiger thread

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