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About us

From Canada. Always sorry. Everyone plays hockey. Sometimes we drink maple syrup. Half of us live in igloos.

making things

Stubborn, below-average memory, believes that battery-operated toys for kids are evil.

packaging & emails

Sneezes like a cat, sassy, passive-agressive when tired, likes 90s hip-hop.


Rude, doesn't return emails, sleeps during meetings, unprofessional at work.

mascot attendant

Unpaid child worker, skates like a deer on ice, will read all the Archie comics on earth.

About the leather

Your product will be made of leather exclusively from the Wickett & Craig tannery of America. They have been producing chemical-free leather since 1867.

Our favorite is the English Bridle leather collection because they were designed for saddle makers a.k.a to look good after a lifetime of hard labor in crapy weather.

The hides are hot stuffed with conditioning oils and hot waxes which literally means they're stuffed to the core with nourishing waxes and tallows for a deeper concentration of colour and greater durability.

Check them out at: 

About the seal

The best swords of the Viking era were branded +ULFBHERT+ along the base of the blade. They were made of Wootz steel, a steel alloy stronger yet more flexible than any other alloy in Europe. Its origin is still a mystery.

Wrought iron and organic matter, plants or woodchips, were melted at high temperature in a clay crucible. Once cooled the high carbon steel cake was sold and exported throughout Europe and Asia.

The forging process was slower and harder because the steel cake couldn't be heated higher than cherry red (instead of bright orange/white). One mistake during the forging or tempering and the chemical properties would be lost.

Every product is branded +LOTVSLC+ as an authentication of legendary durability and Canadian craftmanship.

About the workshop

We see ourselves as gatekeepers against the overwhelming sea of junk that surrounds us. Our home workshop radiates that familiar rich and soothing smell of leather. When you spend a long day in there your clothes will get that smell to. Sometimes a pug snores around. Sometimes kids are doing homework on the workbench. Sometimes we look at the clock and its past midnight. That's our workshop. We are located in Ottawa, Canada.